The following sections include a synopsis of the minimal schema for ancillary knowledge resources, i.e. the subset of Mandatory and strongly Recommended metadata elements per resource type, given that knowledge resources belong to the following resource types:

  • lexical/conceptual resource: reserved not only for lexica, ontologies, term lists, glossaries etc. but also for any resource that can be used for annotation purposes, i.e. linguistic tagsets, typesystems etc.; referred to in OpenMinTeD also as "annotation resources"
  • language description: reserved mainly for computational grammars and for ML models.

It should also be noted that additional elements required for the management of the metadata record (e.g. metadataCreationDate, metadataCreator etc.) are not presented here, as they are to be handled by the OMTD platform.

You can find more information on the full OMTD-SHARE metadata schema and examples of metadata records for knowledge resources here.

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