Open controlled vocabulary

Controlled vocabulary reference and/or values

journalArticle, bachelorThesis, masterThesis, doctoralThesis, book, bookPart, review, conferenceObject, lecture, workingPaper, prePrint, report, annotation, contributionToJournal, patent, conferencePaper, conferencePoster, technicalDocumentation, technicalReport, bibliography, conferenceProceedings, conferencePaperNotInProceedings, conferencePosterNotInProceedings, periodical, journal, reviewArticle, researchArticle, editorial, dataPaper, letterToTheEditor, reportPart, researchProposal, internalReport, memorandum, otherTypeOfReport, policyReport, projectDeliverable, reportToFundingAgency, bookReview, workingPaper, thesis, other


Specifies the type of the publication (e.g. whether it's a journal article, oral paper or poster in the proceedings of a conference etc.)

Please, select one of the values from the list (subset of the COAR vocabulary for resource types); if none of the values fits, please use "other"

Relation to other metadata schemas
  • OpenAIRE current version: computed from instanceType
  • OpenAIRE v4.0: dc:type
  • CORE: article.types
  • DCMI: skos:narrowMatch dct:type
  • DataCite 4.0: skos:closeMatch datacite:resourceTypeGeneral & datacite:resourceType; recommended usage for publications is to use "text" for datacite:resourceTypeGeneral and one of the CASRAI values for datacite:resourceType (e.g. text/ConferenceObject)

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