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ms-omtd:publicationIdentifierSchemeName or ms-omtd:schemeURI


Reference to a DOI (recommended) or any kind of identifier used for the publication

Provide a unique identifier already assigned by an authoritative source; the preferred identifier for publications is DOI; you can use either

  • the attribute "publicationIdentifierSchemeName" to specify the scheme, by selecting one of the pre-defined values (e.g. DOI, ISBN etc.) or,
  • if the scheme is not listed among them, use the "other" value, use the attribute "schemeURI" to provide a link to the URI that documents the scheme it adheres to.
    Relation to other metadata schemas
  • OpenAIRE current version: doi/pmc/etc. identifiers
  • OpenAIRE v4.0: dc:identifier
  • CORE: & article.identifiers
  • DCMI: skos:closeMatch dct:identifier
  • DataCite 4.0: datacite:contributor with skos:broadMatch datacite:identifier (identifierType can only be DOI)contributorType="ContactPerson", contributorName (familyName & givenName) or nameIdentifier and nameIdentifierScheme and schemeURI

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