Mandatory when applicable


set of elements

Mandatory and recommended elements

Element Usage Type
parameterName Mandatory free text
parameterLabel Mandatory free text
parameterDescription Mandatory free text
parameterType Mandatory controlled vocabulary
optional Mandatory boolean
multiValue Mandatory boolean
defaultValue Mandatory when applicable free text
dataFormat (& dataFormatOther) Mandatory when applicable open controlled vocabulary

Groups together information on each parameter of an application or component.

  • parameterName: a name used to identify the parameter
  • parameterLabel: a label used to show the user for a parameter
  • parameterDescription: provides a short account of the parameter (function it performs, input / output requirements etc.) in free text
  • parameterType: Classifies the parameter according to a specific (not yet standardised) typing system (e.g. whether it's boolean, string, integer, a document, mapping etc.)
  • optional: Specifies whether the parameter is mandatory or optional; the default value is set to true
  • multiValue: Specifies whether the parameter takes a list of values; the default value is set to false
  • dataFormat (& dataFormatOther): the data format supported by the app/component for the input or output resource; the values are taken from the respective class of the OMTD-SHARE ontology; if none of the suggested values fits the data format, use the broader value and add relevant information in the "dataFormatOther" element

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