How to share software (applications and components)

You can share your TDM software through the OpenMinTeD platform

  • fully packaged as an end-user application or
  • as separate components, offering the advantage that it can be re-used in the creation of new applications.

For both of these and in order to overcome hurdles associated with platform dependent implementations, we accept software executables in the form of Docker images1 or web services that follow technical procedures and specifications set by OpenMinTeD. These specifications ensure that the software can be accessed at any time and executed as expected.

There are three ways you can add TDM software in the OpenMinTeD platform:

  • components compatible with UIMA2 or GATE3 frameworks: prepare, upload in the Maven Central repository and register them according to these instructions; dockerization for these components is undertaken by OpenMinTeD;
  • components or applications created with other technologies or other TDM-related frameworks: prepare, package and register directly as Docker images according to the instructions described here;
  • web services: if you want to maintain your software outside the OpenMinTeD platform, you must expose it through the Processing Web Service API layer that has been specified by OpenMinTeD and register it according to the instructions described here; the client that communicates with the web service is implemented by OpenMinTeD.

1. Docker is a middleware technology that packages software along with their dependencies in order to run independently of operating systems or local setup - see more at
2. For more information, see Please note that the OpenMinTeD UIMA wrapper is presently only compatible with UIMA components using UIMA version 2.8.1 or higher. Older versions of UIMA 2.x might work as well, but there is no guarantee. UIMA 3.x is presently not supported. This applies only to UIMA components submitted via Maven. Components using Docker are not affected and may internally make use of any UIMA version.
3. For more information, see

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