This section includes the overview of the recommended (aka minimal) OMTD-SHARE metadata schema for scholarly publications, i.e. the subset of Mandatory and strongly Recommended metadata elements.

You can find more information on the full OMTD-SHARE metadata schema and examples of metadata records for publications here.

These elements have been selected so as to help

  • identify the publication (e.g. identifier, title)
  • classify the publication along a variety of criteria that end-users can apply for locating publications of interest for their research (e.g. documentType, publicationType, keywords)
  • describe the legal terms for using the publication (e.g.licence, rightsStatement)
  • encode technical features that are useful for achieving discoverability by tools and services (e.g.dataFormat, documentLanguage, characterEncoding)
  • give access to the contents (e.g. hashkey, distributionLocation).

This set of elements is described below in the first table and in the next sections in more detail.
For publications, an additional set of metadata elements relevant to the source of the original metadata and the document itself are required mainly for the management of the OMTD-SHARE metadata record and are presented in the second table.

OMTD-SHARE element Usage
documentType Mandatory
publicationType Mandatory
publicationIdentifier Mandatory
title Mandatory
licence Mandatory
rightsStatement Mandatory
nonStandardLicenceName and nonStandardLicenceTermsURL Mandatory when applicable
hashkey Mandatory
distributionLocation Μandatory
author Recommended
publisher Recommended
journal Mandatory when applicable
dataFormat (& dataFormatOther) Recommended
documentLanguage Recommended
abstract Recommended
publicationDate Recommended
subject Recommended
keyword Recommended
relationType Recommended
relatedResource Mandatory when applicable
OMTD-SHARE element Usage
collectedFrom repositoryName or repositoryIdentifier Recommended
sourceMetadataLink Recommended
originalDataProviderType Recommended
originalDataProviderRepository Recommended when applicable
originalDataProviderJournal Recommended when applicable
originalDataProviderPublisher Recommended when applicable

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