How to share content through aggregators

If you are a publisher, literature repository, archive etc., and wish to register scholarly publications that can be harvested for TDM purposes through the OpenMinTeD platform, you can do so


By following these guidelines, your metadata and data will be harvested by the aggregator and passed on to OpenMinTeD, without further actions on your part.

Minimum requirements for single documents (publications)

For each publication, you must

  • ensure that you adhere to the minimal level of the OpenMinTeD Interoperability specifications,
  • provide access to a file with the full text
  • deliver a metadata record with a minimal set of metadata elements required by the OMTD-SHARE schema for publications; the metadata elements are used for creating uniform facets for querying the entire set of publications uploaded in OpenMinTeD (see here for more information on the deployment of publications in OpenMinTeD).

Please, note that you need to deliver these metadata elements following the OpenAIRE/CORE guidelines1; the aggregators are responsible for converting them to the OMTD-SHARE specifications.

1. The OpenAIRE schema and guidelines are currently under revision; collaboration with the relevant actors has been established to take into account the new features and, where desired, influence the changes so as to support TDM processes in accordance to the interoperability requirements.

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