Providers of single documents (publications)

Scholarly publications come from a wide bulk of stakeholders, e.g. institutional and discipline repositories, academic journals, scientific publishers, etc. For the first phase, the focus is on literature repositories and publishers, as regards sources, and on Open Access content, as regards access conditions.

If you are a publisher or a repository of scholarly works and wish to provide your resources in OpenMinTeD for TDM purposes, you can:

  • deposit them through one of the aggregators that OpenMinTeD has already liaised with, following their respective guidelines and procedures - for more information, see here,

OpenMinTeD relies on existing infrastructures and standards/best practices for its operation. Thus, to access scholarly publications, it relies on the two main aggregators of such content, OpenAIRE and CORE.

  • provide them directly into OpenMinTeD by implementing a content connector as described here.

Minimum requirements for single documents (publications)

For each publication, you must

  • ensure that you adhere to the minimal level of the OpenMinTeD Interoperability specifications,
  • provide access to a file with the full text
  • deliver a metadata record with the minimal set of elements required by the OMTD-SHARE schema for publications; the metadata elements are used for creating uniform facets for querying the entire set of publications uploaded in OpenMinTeD (see here for more information on the deployment of publications in OpenMinTeD).

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