How to share corpora

At present, corpora can be added only by authorised users at the OpenMinTeD registry.

If you wish to add a corpus, you must provide:

  • a zipped file with the contents of the corpus; where possible, the zipped file should follow the folder structure recommended for OpenMinTeD publications, i.e. separate folders for full text contents (entitled "fulltext"), metadata records (entitled "metadata")1 and licence documents (entitled "licence"); if available, you can also use an additional folder entitled "abstract" for delivering abstracts;

  • a metadata record compliant with the OMTD-SHARE schema for corpora, at least at the minimal level which you can upload to the Registry as an XML file and/or edit with the OpenMinTeD metadata editor.

If the corpus is stored at the repository of a network or infrastructure that allows harvesting (normally upon agreements made with OpenMinTeD), you can also provide the relevant identifier and this will be uploaded with the appropriate description2. Where possible (and this will be appropriately indicated), the metadata description will be automatically converted to the OMTD-SHARE schema and presented to the end-user for further editing.

1. The metadata records for single documents should normally be compliant with at least the minimal OMTD-SHARE schema for publications; however, given that content delivered in the form of corpora is not integrated in the OpenMinTeD mechanism for building corpora, these metadata are not used in any way and are therefore optional at this point.
2. This option will be made available at a later stage.

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