Further requirements for annotated/processed corpora

Corpora can be added in the OpenMinTeD platform

  • in an unprocessed format (typical case) and/or
  • in an already processed format.

In the latter case, they must be registered

  • as a separate resource
  • with a metadata record including a specific set of metadata elements (the same as for annotated publications)
  • as a zipped file, which, in addition to the folders of raw corpora (i.e. "fulltext", "metadata" and "licence"), will have a folder entitled "annotation" for the annotated files
  • with annotated files encoded in the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) format, specifically the representation of a UIMA CAS.

The mechanism for using as input of a TDM application annotated corpora is under construction in the OpenMinTeD platform.

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