You can find more information on the full OMTD-SHARE metadata schema and examples of metadata records for annotation resources here.

The following table presents mandatory and recommended elements for annotation resources; these have been selected so as to help

  • identify the resource and provide information about it (e.g. identifier, name, version)
  • describe the legal terms for using the resource (e.g. licence or rightsStatement)
  • encode technical features that are useful for achieving interoperability by tools and services (e.g. dataFormat, language, metalanguage)
  • give access to the contents (e.g. distributionMedium, distributionLocation)
  • classify the resource along a variety of criteria that end-users can apply for locating resources of interest for their research (e.g. contentTypes, domain)
  • contribute to attribution, citation and reproducibility of research processes and outputs (e.g. resourceCreator).
OMTD-SHARE element Usage
resourceType Mandatory
resourceName Mandatory
description Mandatory
resourceIdentifier Mandatory
public Mandatory
version Mandatory
contactPoint Mandatory
contactType Mandatory
contactPerson Recommended
contactGroup Recommended
licence Mandatory
rightsStatement Mandatory
nonStandardLicenceName and nonStandardLicenceTermsURL Mandatory when applicable
distributionMedium Mandatory
distributionLocation Mandatory
resourceDocumentationInfo Recommended
resourceCreator Recommended
lexicalConceptualResourceType Mandatory
contentTypes Recommended
lingualityType Mandatory
language Mandatory
metalanguage Recommended
size & sizeUnit Recommended
dataFormat (& dataFormatOther) Mandatory
domain Recommended
relationType Recommended
relatedResource Mandatory when applicable

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