Open controlled vocabulary

Controlled vocabulary reference and/or values

ms:relationType: isPartOf, isPartWith, hasPart, hasOutcome, isCombinedWith, requiresLR, requiresSoftware, isexactMatch, isSimilarTo, isContinuationOf, isVersionOf, replaces, isReplacedWith, isCreatedBy, isElicitedBy, isRecordedBy, isEditedBy, isAnalysedBy, isEvaluatedBy, isQueriedBy, isAccessedBy, isArchivedBy, isDisplayedBy, isCompatibleWith


Specifies the type of relation holding between two entities (e.g. two resources that comprise one new resource together, a corpus and the s/w component that has been used for its creation or a corpus and the publication that describes it

For corpora, the recommended relations are isVersionOf and isSimilarTo, but any relationType can be used as appropriate.

Relation to other metadata schemas
  • DataCite 4.0: skos:closeMatch datacite:relationType

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