set of elements

Mandatory and recommended elements

Element Usage
surname and givenNames or personName Mandatory (choice: one element must be encoded)
personIdentifier Recommended
email Mandatory for contact persons
affiliation: organizationName and organizationIdentifier Recommended

ms:personIdentifierSchemeName (for identifiers of persons) or xs:lang (for names) and organizationIdentifierSchemeName (for identifiers of organizations)


Groups information on the person(s) that is/are responsible for providing further information regarding the resource

The recommended way for referring to a person is by giving their surnames and given names and supplying also their unique identifiers, preferably the ORCID; if you provide the identifier, please select also the relevant value from the list of values in the attribute "personIdentifierSchemeName"; if none is appropriate, please select "other" and use the "schemeURI" attribute to provide a link to a URL with more information about the identifier scheme.
If you provide the name as a single element (personName), please use the format "Surname, First name".
The element can also be repeated to encode multiple persons.
If you decide to add a contactPerson instead of a general contactEmail, please ensure that the data (including the email) of this person are also uploaded in OpenMinTeD.

Relation to other metadata schemas
  • DataCite 4.0: contributor with datacite:contributorType="ContactPerson", *datacite:contributorName (familyName & givenName) or datacite:nameIdentifier and datacite:nameIdentifierScheme and datacite:schemeURI)

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