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What is OpenMinTeD?

OpenMinTeD enables the creation of an infrastructure that fosters and facilitates the use of Text and Data Mining (TDM) technologies in the world of scholarly content, builds on existing TDM tools and platforms, and renders them discoverable and interoperable through a dedicated registry and a standards-based interoperability layer.

In an ecosystem of e-infrastructures and repositories, the OpenMinTeD platform has been designed and implemented as a facilitator of TDM, collecting from other sources, transforming and making available only resources needed for running TDM operations.

Resources are registered in OpenMinTeD only if they can be accessed and deployed in the context of a TDM processing operation.

The OpenMinTeD platform is neither a repository for the curation and long-term preservation of content and services, nor a catalogue of information about resources that might be of interest to TDM stakeholders.

What types of resources does OpenMinTeD target?

TDM involves a wide range of resource types:

  • the content resources to be mined, i.e. scholarly publications in the current phase,
  • the TDM software and
  • ancillary knowledge resources used for the operation of the software (e.g. machine learning models, lexical or ontological resources used for annotating the resources to be mined, typesystems, annotation schemas, linguistic tagsets, annotated textual corpora used for training and evaluation).

Structure of the guidelines

Four guidelines are released addressing providers of the target resources:

Each set of guidelines contains the following information:

  • a brief introduction, specifying the resources expected, potential sources, minimal requirements for the contributions
  • preparing, packaging and registering instructions for the OpenMinTeD platform
  • technical and metadata requirements that empower interoperability
  • for each resource type, an overview of the OMTD-SHARE metadata schema (minimal level) with definitions, explanations, recommended usage and mappings to other popular metadata schemas
  • further instructions per type of contributors or resource type/subtype where required.

1 The OpenMinTeD platform is currently under development and more features and functionalities are constantly added.

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