Welcome to the OpenMinTeD Guidelines!

This is where you'll find information on the following:

Note: If you've landed here accidentally and want to find out more about OpenMinTeD, see here or visit our website:

Structure of the guidelines

Three guidelines are released addressing providers of the resources that OpenMinTeD targets:

The OpenMinTeD platform

Each set of guidelines contains the following information:

  • a brief introduction, specifying the resources expected, potential sources, minimal requirements for the contributions
  • preparing, packaging and registering instructions for the OpenMinTeD platform
  • technical and metadata requirements that empower interoperability
  • for each resource type, an overview of the minimal level of the OMTD-SHARE metadata schema with definitions, explanations, recommended usage and mappings to other popular metadata schemas
  • further instructions per type of contributors or resource type/subtype where required.

1 The OpenMinTeD platform is currently under development and more features and functionalities are constantly added; keep visiting us to find more!

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